Carnival Glory
Ship Review
Sept. 20th, 2003


On Sept. 20th The Cruiseman, Mrs. Cruiseman, and other friends & family boarded the brand new Carnival Glory. This beautiful new ship sails every Saturday from Port Canaveral, FL, alternating Eastern & Western Itineraries. Our cruise was to the Eastern Caribbean; St. Thomas, St. Maarten & Nassau. Here is our review of this cruise.

Group from Denver

Group from Denver

Group from Denver

From Denver: Kam & Timothy Boles, Glen & Cynthia Grove, Lee & Marcia Hendrick, Edward & Eileen Law.

Dean, Shana & Hannah Wood
Inman, SC


Michael, Leslye & Madelyn Robinson
Inman, SC

Tom & Margaret Kenney
Winter Park, FL

Leslye & Aunt Tiffany

Marshall & Gaylen Ball


Melody Ball (Cruiseman's daughter)
Leslye Robinson
And little Leslye & Madelyn.

Brent Ball (my son-in-law)
& Leslye

Brad & Dylan Ball
Dylan's Birthday Cake!

Laurie Ball & Tyler

THE SHIP: The Carnival Glory, sister ship to the Carnival Conquest, is a stretched version of the Destiny class vessel. Of course since the Destiny came out, there have been many improvements and refinements to the design. The Glory carries 2,974 passengers (double occupancy). On our voyage there was a total of just over 3,000 on board. The crew numbers another 1150. This mega-liner is 952' long, and she cruises at 21 knots. GRT is 110,000. The theme of the ship has to do with the glory of sailing. The walls are adorned with artwork of sailing vessels, and the buffet area features masts and sails around the booths and tables. Very nicely done! The main atrium lobby area is very pleasantly done with a glass ceiling that slowly changes colors. This is a peaceful area and great for relaxing or meeting with friends. Live, peaceful music was featured in the atrium every day. Adjacent to the lobby area is the Information (Purser's) Desk, and the Shore Excursion Desk. The Information Desk was very helpful and courteous. There was rarely anyone at the excursion desk, because, I guess, they want you to book your excursions from your cabin TV.

Glory in Nassau

Glory beside the Century
St. Maarten at the new pier.

Main Lobby of Glory


EMBARKATION: The "check-in" process went pretty well. Curbside luggage unloading was fairly well organized. You have to be patient. With 3,000 people checking in, it takes time.

CRUISEMAN TIP: If you have anyone in your party with a baby stroller or a wheelchair, you can request "express" check in. Our party had three strollers, so we all were allowed to by-pass the line. Guess they didn't want three babies getting cranky or crying in the line!

Our three little ones!


The Cruiseman with Fun Ship Freddie

Marshall Ball with Freddie

THE FOOD: You will not be disappointed with the food on the Glory, in either quality or quantity. The two tier dining room is beautiful, and the service was wonderful. Carnival's "team" service is very fast and attentive. Our three babies got special attention, too, which was appreciated!


CRUISEMAN TIP: If you don't see something on the menu that appeals to you, ask for something else! If at all possible the chef will be glad to accommodate you. Also, it is ok to order as much as you want from the menu. You are not limited to one appetizer, one salad, one entree, and one desert. Order all you want! Just be sure to clean your plate!


What's In The Kitchen?
2990 Lamb Chops
3220 lbs. Prime Rib
6900 lbs. Chicken
3456 lbs. Steaks
300 lbs. Crab Cakes
25,300 Shrimps
2,300 lbs. Lobster Tails
7,800 Hamburgers
5,980 Hot Dogs
5,750 Pizzas
48,300 Eggs
64,400 Slices of Bacon
30,245 Cans of Soft Drinks
6,762 Pancakes

Our Waiters: Marek & Luba
Thank You for the excellent service!

 Fun in the dining room!

Leslye & Luba

Several in our group seemed to enjoy the "casual" options more than anything else! "The Grill" is located at the rear pool, and it provides a continues supply of hamburgers, huge hot dogs, grilled chicken and steak sandwiches. The Grill was one of the busiest places on the ship. Nearby, on the same deck is the 24 hour Pizzeria. They have several varieties of pizza and it really is open 24 hours a day. Of course the buffets were a hit too!

CRUISEMAN TIP: Scout out all the buffet options before getting in a line. The buffets are not all the same. The "Grand Buffet" offers various entrees every day, and then there is another buffet that has a daily nationality theme. There are three other specialty areas offering Deli Sandwiches, Fish & Chips and Oriental Fare.

CRUISEMAN TIP: Located one floor above the Grand Buffet is the "Fish & Chips" restaurant. Even if you don't like fish & chips, you need to visit this area. The reason? Plenty of seating! Seems like most folks sit as close to the buffet line as they can, making it a bit difficult at times to get an open table. Just carry your tray up one flight of stairs to the "Fish & Chips" area and you can get yourself a large window side table. This works best early in the week, before everybody else discovers this area. This will be our little secret. OK?


Fish & Chips

Pizza 24 Hours A Day!

The Grill. The most popular spot!

After a whole week of great food, they finished us off on Friday with a "Chocolate Buffet". This had the longest line of any of the buffets, but it moved quite fast!


The Water Slide


The Water Slide

Teen Center

POOLS: The Carnival Glory has three swimming pools. The "Main" Pool is right where you would expect it to be. This is where the live music is played and the pool games happen. The 2nd pool is about ½ deck higher, located at the water slide. There is lots of sunning areas around these two pools, with a terraced, rather than flat, landscape. The 3rd pool is at the rear of the ship, by The Grill and The Pizzeria. This is the "quiet area" pool, and is a very pleasant area. This pool has a retractable glass cover for rainy days.

CRUISEMAN TIP: If you are looking for a very quiet area to sun or nap, try Deck 3 under the life boats, or Deck 10 outside the "Fish & Chips" restaurant. There are plenty of lounge chairs available. These are both very quiet areas. You can pick the sunny or shady side of the ship to suit yourself.

The Cruiseman On Deck 10
This is the life!
(Actually I'm doing my research for this review!!)


ACCOMMODATIONS: Carnival's cabins are (on the average) larger than those of most other cruise lines. We were in a standard oceanview cabin, measuring around 195 sq. ft. The cabins are very attractive and well laid out. The only negative is that the bathrooms are a bit smaller than those on the Fantasy class vessels. Oh, well! We didn't spend our vacation in the bathroom anyway! We did appreciate the shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the shower. They were always kept full. Your cabin also comes with a variety of sample size toiletries, which were very nice. We used the free sample toothpaste all week! Each cabin has a hair dryer, three closets, a safe, TV, lighted vanity and a refrigerator. Oceanview cabins have a sofa as well. We hardly saw our cabin attendant, but she did a wonderful job keeping everything clean and straight for us.

Cat 6B Oceanview Cabin


Towell Art
(It's a Dog!)

Towell Art
(It's an Elephant)

CRUISEMAN TIP: Clothes get dirty or wrinkled? Every cabin deck has a coin-op laundry equipped with an ironing board and iron! It's there for your use so don't be bashful!

ENTERTAINMENT: The "Amber Palace" theater featured several big productions shows, the talent show as well as the ever-popular bingo and other games. Carnival has spared no expense in their productions. The "technical" quality (lights, sound, costumes, sets, etc) is very impressive. We were not particularly impressed with the magician. He should have stuck to working on his magic. He seemed to fancy himself as a comedian, dancer and singer too. There was a Philippine combo playing every night in the Ebony Cabaret that was excellent. They did lots of "oldies", and they managed to duplicate the "sound" of each original song.

SHORE EXCURSIONS: We only took one excursion, and that was to Blue Lagoon at Nassau. This tropical paradise is reached by a 20 minute boat ride from the Nassau pier. This is our 3rd or 4th visit to Blue Lagoon. The water in the lagoon is almost clear and very shallow. It's a great place for children to swim & play. Our grand daughter Leslye (21 months) loved playing on the beach and in the water. The only negative is that for some reason the Glory sails early from Nassau so our delightful visit to Blue Lagoon was cut off much earlier than we would have liked. Also, the "restaurant" on Blue Lagoon was just getting the food out when we all had to leave. Their loss! We had lunch on the ship, and it was much better, anyway! We kept the list of all the shore excursions for Nassau, St. Thomas & St. Maarten. If you have a question about any of them just give us a call.

St. Maarten: The good news is that they have built a huge pier that ought to accommodate 4 or 5 ships at a time. Before this pier was built everybody had to come ashore via tender (small boat). The bad news is that they built this new pier just far away enough from anywhere that you have to take a taxi or water taxi to get anywhere, at your own expense, of course. The water taxi is $5.00pp for an all day pass, and it has two stops that it makes.

At St. Maarten

The Cruiseman's Grand Daughter Leslye


It's her first cruise!

This is Fun!

CRUISEMAN TIP: You should always pack some small bottles of water in your suitcase on every cruise. We took several bottles with us to Blue Lagoon, and we were glad. The tropical sun can be hot, and you can get dehydrated easily.

Leslye & Uncle Brad


Blue Lagoon

Brad Ball & Family!
(the water is 2' deep!!)

CAMP CARNIVAL: With three infants and two young boys in our party we were particularly interested in Camp Carnival. The two boys, ages 5 & 10 absolutely loved Camp Carnival! They went to as many as the activities as they could. On several nights the boys skipped dinner with us, so they could have dinner at Camp Carnival instead! There must have been lots of great activities because they were all smiles all week! Although the minimum age for Camp Carnival is two, our three infants were all allowed to spend some play time in the play room with their parents present.

Entrance to Camp Carnival


Fun for all ages!

Camp Carnival Play Room





CREW: Every member of the crew that we came in contact with was cheerful, friendly, and courteous. If a maintenance person happened to share an elevator with you, he always had a kind word to say. The staff for the buffets and grill was especially friendly and helpful. Even the guy making the omelets was cheerful every morning. It speaks well of a ship and it's officers that the crew is friendly. Obviously they are trained right, but "cheerful" is something that can't be faked for long. You could tell that they enjoyed working on the Carnival Glory.

The Cruiseman would recommend this ship for people of all ages, with our without children.

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